How to Have Electricity for Your VOIP Phone | Power Outage or not

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How to Have Electricity for Your VOIP Phone | Power Outage or not*

VOIP Phones, be they MagicJack, netTALK DUO, Ooma, Vonage, etc. or Telephone Services from a Phone Company or Cable Company, are wonderful telephonic gadgets or dongles. One wonders how did we ever manage our telecommunication needs without them.

Thanks to VOIP Phones, we can make and receive cheap local and international calls (Do you know that you can get a VOIP Phone for as low as $29.95/year?)*, video calls, and fax services. To accomplish this technological feat, VOIP Phones rely heavily on, among other things, electrical power, which is also their Achilles heel.

Absent a source of power, and internet access, your VOIP Phone can kiss goodbye its ability to make and receive phone and video calls (incoming calls can be forwarded to an alternate number or cell phone number), and to send and receive faxes.

This VOIP shortcoming should make you reluctant to give up your landline, if you have one, which still works during power failures, thanks to the phone company’s power backup fed through the phone lines.

* Prices are subject to change without notice.

To keep your VOIP Phone(s) ON 24/7/365, blackout or not, you need a reliable and constant source of power, which can be from a:

  • Solar Battery Charger (Solar Panels)
  • Deep Cycle Battery. A sealed, leak proof, spill proof, deep cycle, AGM (Absorbed Glass Mat) maintenance-free battery (which we recommend) or a fully charged Car Battery
  • Jump Starter with a built-in inverter (for AC power) and 12V DC Socket(s)
  • Uninterruptible Power Source or Uninterruptible Power Supply
  • Mini generator 1000W-2000W
  • Spill proof 5 Gallon Gas Can to refill the generator. Please read the manufacturer’s safety, warnings and storage precautions when dealing flammables

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The above energy source(s) is to power Surge Protector, Modem/Router, Telephonic Dongles, Cordless Phones, 12V Battery Clamp Adapter and DC to DC Adapter.

 You need also:

Modem/RouterSurge Protector
Internet AccessDC to DC Adapters
Cordless PhoneCorded Phone
  •  12V Fused Battery clamp Adapters. The 12V Socket with Battery Clamps must be fused to protect your electronic devices from damages that may result from a short circuit.
  • Power Inverter 100W-200W. Given the sensitive nature of the electronic devices, a pure sine wave inverter is preferred, but if you only have a modified sine wave inverter at your disposal, use it.

Solar Battery Charger. An inexpensive solar panel with adapters to recharge Jump Starter, Deep Cycle and/or Car Battery, and Uninterruptible Power Source (UPS), in case of prolonged power outage, blackout or brownout.

Deep Cycle Battery.– A Deep Cycle AGM or Gel Cell Battery is recommended, because of its high discharge rate, low monthly self discharge rate, it is non-spillable, maintenance-free, and, unlike Lead Acid Battery, can be mounted in any position and used in areas of limited ventilation.

If you have a car Lead Acid Battery, use it in a ventilated area, in the proper recommended position (read and abide by the manufacturer’s safety warnings, cautions, precautions and recommendations), as a source of power in time of emergency.

Jump Starter.– A Jump Starter, with the minimum required AC Outlet(s), DC Socket(s) and USB Port(s), is an ideal backup power source to keep your VOIP Phone and its accessories running during power failures. If the Jump Starter is inverter-free, buy a mini 100W-200W Power Inverter and plug its DC Input Terminal into the Jump Starter’s 12V DC Socket to get AC Power.

Find out: What is a Jump Starter?

Uninterruptible Power Source.An Uninterruptible Power Supply is another emergency rechargeable battery backup power with built-in AC Outlets, USB Ports and LED Indicators to provide uninterrupted power to your VOIP Phones, computer (desktop or laptop), tablets, etc. switching seamlessly from Grid Power to your Backup Power.

Mini Generator.– It’s smart emergency planning to own a pre-filled Mini Generator as a standby power source. Why a pre-filled tank? In time of emergency, emotions and survival instincts supplants commonsense. The right time to fill your generator’s tank is before, not during the crisis.

A 1Kw (1000W) Generator is more than enough to keep your VOIP Phone Service(s) uninterrupted. Due to carbon monoxide emissions and safety concerns, Generator operation should be kept outdoors, in ventilated areas. Read the manufacturer’s warnings, cautions and precautions for further details.

Spill proof 5 Gallon Gas Can.A filled EPA and/or CARB compliant 5-Gallon Gas Can is a temporary insurance policy against multiple trips to and the insanity of long lines at the gas stations (if they are open at all- power outages interfere with the gas stations’ ability to pump gas), and the ensuing madness and emotional flareups resulting from everybody’s need to fill-up at the same time.

Remember to pay close attention to warnings, cautions, precautions and safety labels with respect to the handling and storage of volatile and highly flammable fuels such as Gasoline, Gasohol, etc. Failure to comply with safety warnings and heed precautionary measures may result in fatal injuries.

VOIP Phone.It’s pointless to learnHow to Have Electricity for Your VOIP Phone | Power Outage or not if you don’t own a VOIP Phone to begin with (unless you want to satisfy an intellectual curiosity or pass the information along to a friend). A VOIP Phone is an Internet Phone that uses Voice Over Internet Protocol to place and receive phone and video calls, to send and receive faxes (if the VOIP Unit is so featured). Watch the video for illustrative purposes .


Internet Access.Without Internet Access, your VOIP Phone is useless. If, due to a power outage, your Internet Service Provider cannot meet its service obligations, you have no choice but to use your tablet, laptop, desktop or cell phone to scan for and locate free internet hotspots to make voip calls.

If your VOIP provider is either magicJack, netTALK, Vonage or Ooma, download their respective free App for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Android Phones and Tablets to make free calls. If, on the other hand, your interrupted internet access is due to a power outage limited to your household (your ISP is unaffected), then use your power backup source (Car Battery, Jump Starter, Uninterruptible Power Supply and/or Generator) to restore power, hence Internet Service.

Surge Protector.A Surge Protector adds a layer of safety to the protection of your electronic devices against short circuits. Buy one with high rated Joules (a measure of electricity energy before the surge protector fails). The higher the Joules rating, the better. If using a Power Inverter, plug the Surge Protector into its AC outlet, and plug all your VOIP Phone components into the Surge Protector‘s AC outlets.

Modem/Router.A Modem/Router is an important component of your VOIP Phone System, without which the transmission and reception of digital data on a network over phone lines would be impossible. Your VOIP Phone depends on it. However, without electrical power, it is useless. Plug it into the Surge Protector Outlet.

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Cordless Phone.– A Cordless Phone gives you all the latitude and longitude you want with respect to range and mobility, but one drawback is that it doesn’t work in a blackout (electricity is needed to power the base and recharge the handset). It is ill advised to use a Cordless Phone during a power outage if you need (you should) to save energy. If you have no choice (a Corded Phone is a nice option), use it.

Corded Phone.The beauty of a Corded Phone is that it works, power outage or not, which is why we highly recommend that you set aside an inexpensive Corded Phone for those dark days. If money is no object, you can buy an expensive Corded/Cordless Combo Phone, which works with or without electricity. If you want to save energy during a power outage, a Corded Phone is the way to go.

12V Fused Battery clamp Adapters.– The 12V Socket with Battery Clamps is used in connection with Batteries and Inverter to provide AC Power. It must be fused (inline fuse) to protect your electronic devices from damages that may result from a short circuit.

Just clamp the Red Positive Clip (+) onto the battery’s Positive Post/Terminal (+), the Black Negative Clip () onto the Negative Post/Terminal (), and insert the Power Inverter‘s DC Input Terminal into the 12V Socket (Do not insert your finger(s) into the plugged socket, electrocution may ensue.). Voila! You have AC Power.

For more details: What is a 12V DC Battery Power Adapter?

DC to DC Adapters.Modem/Routers, Cordless/Corded Phones, Telephonic Dongles (MagicJack or netTALK) are all DC-powered devices, using AC to DC Adapters. If you don’t have a Power Inverter to convert DC to AC Power, you can use DC to DC Adapters to convert 12V DC to any DC Voltage and Amperage required to operate the aforementioned devices.

Before you buy a DC to DC Adapter, look closely at the Amperage and the Voltage Range. The higher the Amperage, the better. A 2000mAH (2.0A) DC to DC Adapter with a Voltage Range of 3V-12V , USB Port and Interchangeable Plug Tips is better than a 1000mAH one. We strongly recommend or suggest that you use a Power Inverter to simplify the process, instead of multiple DC to DC Adapters, whose cost adds up quickly.

Power Inverter.If you use a Car, AGM or Gel Cell Battery as a DC source of energy, an Inverter, along with a 12V Battery Clamp Adapter, is needed to convert it to AC power. Given the sensitive nature of the electronic devices (modem/router, cordless/corded phone, telephonic dongles, etc.), a 100W-200W pure sine wave power inverter is preferred, but if you only have a modified sine wave inverter at your disposal, read the manufacturer’s specifications and applications, and, if appropriate, use it. Keep Power Inverters out of the reach of children.

Reality Check

Reality check: You don’t have to own all of the foregoing sources of power simultaneously. Just any combination of two will do. If you pick Battery and Jump Starter, or Battery and UPS, or Jump Starter and UPS, make sure you get a Solar Charger to trickle charge the batteries.

If your choice is a combination Generator and Batteries (Jump Starter, UPS, Car Battery or AGM Battery), ensure that you have enough fuel reserve to refill the generator’s tank, which, in turn, will recharge the batteries, and, for good measure, ownership of a Solar Battery Charger is strongly advised. Buy either of the Jumpers below to satisfy your battery backup needs. Enjoy!


Power Dome EX 2454

600 Amp Battery Jumper 2509

Power Dome NX 2485

Power Dome EX 2454

600 Amp Battery Jumper 2509 300 x 334

Power-Dome-NX-2485-3D-Front-Solarnia 300 x 282

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