How to Find ZTE ZMAX Z970’s IMEI

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How to Find ZTE ZMAX Z970’s IMEI

In a recently published article entitled How to Unlock the ZTE ZMAX Z970, an allusion was made as to how to find ZTE ZMAX Z970’s IMEIInternational Mobile Equipment Identity. Apparently, we did a poor job; needless to say it has not sunk yet in the minds of most ZTE ZMAX Z970 fans, and they are still clamoring for: How to get the ZTE ZMAX Z970s IMEI number?

We think we’d do our readers a favor by expanding on the subject and illustrate the point with photos and a video.

Who Needs The IMEI and Why?

  • If you are the owner (Who) of the phone and would like to unlock it (Why) to use on competing local or national networks or abroad, you need the IMEI, a 17-digit number, unique to your phone.
  • If you gift it to a friend or family member who wishes to use it on another network or abroad, the carrier needs the IMEI number to make the switch.

This number is so important, without it you cannot unlock the phone yourself or remotely by a network (phone carrier/company).

ZTE ZMAX Z970: GMS or CDMA Phone?

The ZTE ZMAX Z970 is a GMS Phone (Global Mobile System), meaning when unlocked, you can used it on any network. If it were a CDMA Phone (Code Division Multiple Access), you would have been stuck with one network – and one network only, thereby unable to take advantage of competitive rates offered by competing wireless carriers.

Needless to say that it is imperative that the phone be unlocked if you want to switch networks and enjoy these competitive rates.

Where and How to Find The Phone’s IMEI Number?

When the phone was brand new, the IMEI was hiding in plain sight: at the bottom of the phone, in the back (see picture).




If you are disciplined, most of us aren’t, the first thing you probably did, within a week or so of buying the brand new phone, was the purchase of a protective case to safeguard your investment. If you did, remove the case, and you’ll see the IMEI number on the back of the phone, at the bottom.

In case you didn’t, depending on how you use your phone, and considering the elapsed time, the IMEI number may have faded or is erased by now, due to wear and tear. But all hope is not lost; for there is an alternative way to electronically retrieve that sorely and desperately needed IMEI number.


Here is how to proceed:

Touch the Phone icon (left bottom in picture) > Dial Pad icon (center bottom in picture) > Dial the following code in the Dial Pad: *#06#, and voila! The very sought after IMEI number (a 17-digit number with a forward slash before the last 2 digits) is conspicuously displayed in all its glory. Now you are ready to unlock your ZTE ZMAX Z970 phone.

Methodical Steps

If you are a methodical person, you’ll love the illustrative steps outlined below.

  • Touch the Phone Icon.

1 - Touch Phone Icon ZTE ZMAX Z970 - 354 x 200

  • Touch the Dial Pad Icon.

2 - Touch Dial Pad Icon ZTE ZMAX Z970 - 356 x 200

  • Dial *#06#.

3 - Dial #06# ZTE ZMAX Z970 - 356 x 200

  • See picture of code *#06#.

4 - IMEI Code #06# ZTE ZMAX Z970 - 356 x 200

  • Voila! See your phone’s IMEI number on the screen.

5 - ZTE ZMAX Z970's IMEI Number - 368 x 200


After viewing the pictures, we suggest that you watch the complementary video as well for a complete understanding of where and how to find your ZTE ZMAX Z970’s IMEI number.

The IMEI* will read, line-by-line:

  • IMEI
  • IMEI/SVN: 876543212345678/13
  • OK

*The IMEI cited in the article is fictitious. Your phone’s IMEI will be different.


After reading this article and watching the video, you’ll fully grasp Why you need the IMEI, Where and How to find it.

To reiterate: if the IMEI number is not on the back of the phone, dial *#06# on your phone’s dial pad (ZTE ZMAX Z970’s) to reveal it on your phone’s screen.

Once displayed, write it down and save it in a safe place. If, later, you forget how to retrieve it, your handy backup will come to the rescue, to refresh your memory. Or, better yet, come back to to read the article, view the photos, and watch the video again.

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