Is netTALK DUO The Best VOIP Internet Phone?

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Is netTALK DUO The Best VOIP Internet Phone?

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We would be the first to admit that we are gadget freaks. So, when we first got wind of a telephonic gadget dubbed MagicJack, (we’ll address netTALK DUO later) we jumped on the bandwagon, purchased a MagicJack, and advised friends to do the same. While most of our friends got to enjoy their devices, we didn’t. Blame the MagicJack gadget, blame our computer, blame us or whatever.

The fact of the matter is, despite MagicJack‘s online customer service best effort, our gadget never worked, and, consequently, we have never had the opportunity to use it for the purpose which we’ve bought it for in the first place, id es, to make and receive phone calls. Read netTALK vs MagicJack: The winner is… for prospective and context.

Did we mention at the outset that we are gadgetophiles? We’ve forgotten already. Yes, we did (gadget freaks). Why are we gadgetophiles? We love the thrill and excitement of tweaking,  tinkering and experimenting with electronic gadgets, the yielded unexpected outcome.

We are eager to explore new intellectual and scientific horizons, and take on the challenge head-on. We are always on the hunt for gadgets that push the limits of technological boundaries. What was once thought of as impossible is today- thanks to scientific discoveries and technological progress- within the realm of possibilities. That’s why we are gadgetophiles.

By now you think we’ve learned our lesson from the bitter aftertaste left by the inconclusive outcome of the MagicJack experiment (outcome of MagicJack experiment failed to live up to our expectations) and would stay as far away as possible from telephonic gadgets. Far from it.

Well, we treated the disappointing results of the experiment as a first marriage. If your first marriage fails, the institution of marriage per se is not to blame; you and your better half are to be held accountable for the failure. Learn from it and move on.

Let us extrapolate. If a telephonic gadget fails to measure up, VOIP or Internet Telephony is not to blame, your device is. So, the very minute we were made aware of the existence of netTALK DUO, we placed an order. (Before we did, however, we inquired from satisfied netTALK customers, determined not to repeat the MagicJack mistake. Those who fail to learn from past mistakes are condemned to repeat them.)


If “gadgetophilia” (addiction to gadgets) is the disease, the cure is, paradoxically, more gadgets. We are glad to have kept an open mind, ordered the netTALK DUO, and did not succumb to cynicism, which would have inevitably led to an outright dismissal of the netTALK DUO device as “just-another-telephonic-gadget-out-to-rob-blind-its-customers”.

Boy (or girl), were we in for a surprise! The day we received the eagerly awaited netTALK DUO , we were like kids in a candy store who could hardly wait to take the wrapper off, open the netTALK DUO package/box and put its precious content to good use right away. 

First, unlike MagicJack which requires (mandatory) your computer to be ON at all times (our pet peeves- energy vampire, wear and tear on your computer) to make and receive calls (read netTALK vs MagicJack: The winner is…), a computer is optional in netTALK DUO.

Update: The latest magicJack does not require a computer to work.

Second, the option to plug it directly into a modem/router (bypassing the computer option altogether) is offered. We proceeded to do just that. The instructions are simple. Read them please. First thing first: register your netTALK DUO online (log in with the inserted username and password) to get your phone number. It’s a prerequisite.

If any of the installation information herein conflicts with the enclosed information in your netTALK DUO‘s package, please note that netTALK DUO‘s instructions supersede‘s

1.- Plug one end of the Ethernet cable into the modem/router port, and the other end into the netTALK DUO‘s Ethernet port.

2.- Connect black USB cable to netTALK DUO and AC adapter.

3.- Insert phone cable into phone port and netTALK DUO port (TEL).

4.- Turn ON modem/router and AC adapter. At which point, netTALK DUO‘s RED (dorsal), GREEN (left side of ETH port- indicating registration with NTD network is in progress) lights are ON, and YELLOW (right side of ETH port) light starts flashing.

5. – Wait for phone to ring once, followed by a dial tone, to start using your netTALK DUO to make outgoing and receive incoming calls.

Finally, at last, we made and received our first netTALK DUO calls! We were elated.

netTALK DUO sports a fax feature also. We wasted no time in faxing our first document. Much to our delight, the party which the fax was sent to (the recipient) received it. 

Our netTALK DUO experiment would be incomplete without exploring the computer option. Off netTALK web site, we downloaded, installed the software (DUO USB Driver) and the videophone application on computer A, and restarted the computer.

The Blue phone icon appear in the taskbar. The phone icon turned Red when netTALK DUO is connected to the computer via USB cable. Much to our dismay, we were not able to make and receive calls, and the computer’s processing speed was impeded (computer ran very slow). netTALK‘s customer service personnel tried their darnedest (by phone and online) to troubleshoot and fix the technological enigma, to no avail. 

We put on our scientific hat, downloaded and installed the software (DUO USB Driver) and the videophone application on computer B (better processor, faster speed- GHZ, and more MB RAMs). Suddenly, making an outgoing call was a cakewalk; receiving an incoming call a stroll in the park with netTALK DUO.

No wonder we were happy campers! Note that if you don’t want to run the DUO USB Driver off your computer, you can download it to, install and run it off a USB Flash Drive instead. The end result will be the same: make and receive phone calls, send and receive faxes.

In fairness to MagicJack, the negative outcome of our experiment was probably due to the abysmal state and nature of our computer: computer A.

Lessons learned, conclusion drawn

If your telephonic gadget fails to perform on computer A, try it on computer B (a better computer). If it (device) still proves deficient, the gadget is probably faulty or defective. Make sure your computer meets or exceeds the software’s requirements before blaming the device. 

netTALK DUO Features and Specifications (netTALK DUO-Free voicemail to Email). See slide below.

netTALK DUO Features and Specifications (Free 411 Directory Assistance-30-Day Money Back). See slide above.

netTALK DUO Features and Specifications (Knowledgebase-Call Forwarding). See slide above.


netTALK DUO is affordably priced. It won’t break your telephonic budget. Au contraire, it is designed to save you money. See slide above.

For meanings of multicolored *(asterisks), please see netTALK vs MagicJack: The winner is…table(s)

Is netTALK DUO The Best VOIP Internet Phone?

Had MagicJack then offered the modem/router option, we probably would have not bothered to ask that question. We would have resigned ourselves to using just the modem/router option. But, as a customer, you expect a device, gadget, or product to deliver what is promised.

Failure to do so may result in unflattering reviews; anything short of the anticipated expectations leaves a bitter aftertaste, an indelible mark that is forever etched in the customer’s mind and memory.

netTALK DUO has lived up to our expectations and delivered on its promises. So, dare we say this: for now- and now only- in light of our experience, netTALK DUO seems to be The Best VOIP Internet Phone. Best Telephonic Gadget. netTALK DUO is a true plug-n-play telephonic device.

Even though our conclusion (netTALK DUO is the Best VOIP Internet Phone)* is arrived at as a result of a rigorous and methodical comparison process, it (conclusion) may appear, in your view, subjective, biased and slanted. If, however, you do beg to differ, or care to draw a different conclusion, before you do so, we invite you to read netTALK vs MagicJack: The winner is…and MagicJack Plus vs netTALK DUO: The Rematch.

MagicJack may be down for the count now, but MagicJack Vocaltec Ltd. is not out yet. Read MagicJack Plus vs netTALK DUO: The Rematch and Is MagicJack Plus The Best VOIP Internet Phone? (coming soon) to find out.

There you have it: the story of our love/hate affair with telephonic gadgets. If you find any similar telephonic gadgets worthy of a review, please let know. 


* The purpose of the article is not to favor one product over the other by portraying one in a positive light, and the other in a negative light; but rather to highlight the discrepancies in the outcome of our experience with both products (netTALK DUO vs MagicJack) and inform our readers of such. Should they elect to purchase either product, they’ll do so armed with the full knowledge and awareness of the results of our experiment. To quote a SYMS’ slogan: an educated consumer is the best customer. Caveat emptor (buyer beware)!

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5 thoughts on “Is netTALK DUO The Best VOIP Internet Phone?

  1. Thank you Mr Owens for relating your experience with netTALK’s return policy and customer service. Fortunately, I’ve never had to return any of their products (they work for me). However, in light of your account, if I ever had to return a netTALK product, here is how I would proceed:

    1) I’d call up to advise them of the impending return.
    2) The return would be via certified mail, return receipt requested (no one can deny receipt of package with proof).
    3) I’d call up and ask to speak to a decision maker.
    4) I’d send a nice email stating the following: Decision to purchase product was based on positive reviews and alleged claims (which you were unable to substantiate, given the poor performance of the product). Instead of embarking on a campaign to tarnish netTALK’s reputation, I’d rather settle for an amicable and mutually beneficial agreement. Failure to reach an amicable agreement may result in the exercise of my right, as a customer, to let the whole wide world know about my dissatisfaction with your product(s) and displeasure with the poor level of customer service.

    Scrupulous companies care about their reputation and image. Let’s hope they (netTALK) do right by you. Good luck Luther!

  2. I bought the nettalk duo a little over a year ago while it was buy one, get one free. At the time, it had a lot of static, and they didn’t have local area codes.
    I think that may have changed, but here’s the kicker.

    After one year, I’ve never received a refund, after returning both units within the 30 days. They say I didn’t, but that’s easy for them to do. So if you ever do a return, be sure you document it, don’t just go by their rma, as they told me, they don’t use rma numbers anymore, so mine are useless.

    I even asked that they merely send me one unit and a years service in place of my two to no avail. I hope their service is better now, but their customer service has a long way to go.

    Luther Owens

  3. Thank you Enrique for keeping’s readership abreast of the latest deal on netTALK DUO (lower price). If anyone is aware of a similar deal on MagicJack Plus, please let us know.

    Thanks again Enrique.

  4. It all depends if you really want to keep your current phone number. If so Magic Jack Plus is for you but remember there is a minor cost to it. For Magic Jack plus and porting your number you will pay 29.95/year + 9.95/year additional fee + one time number porting fee of $19.95 to Port a landline number. So at first you will pay $69.95 (which include 1 year service) + $19.95( porting fee) + $9.95(annual fee for ported numbers) = $99.85
    After that you will pay $29.95/year + 9.95/year port number fee = $39.90 year.

    I opted to get a better rate by not porting my number:
    I bought Nettalk Duo which has lowered the price to $49.95 (which includes 1st year) then pay $29.95 a year after that. That’s it…… I also added their free Apps to my Smartphone which work nicely.

    Good luck Voip hunting

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