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Money Resources


Disclaimer is not, nor does it engage in the business of dispensing financial or investment advice. However, if and when we do stumble upon money-related information or resources, deemed useful, in our view, we may pass them right along to you for your intellectual financial awareness.

It’s worth noting, in the same vein, that however you elect to use the information or resources herein is left up to your intellectual discernment.

It is always wise to consult your financial advisor, research, investigate, and do your due diligence prior to acting on any money-related information, given the personal nature of one’s financial circumstances.

We cannot be held liable nor take credit for the outcome (good or bad, success or failure) of your financial decisions. Failure to do your own due diligence is at your own financial risk and peril.


Links, if any, are provided as a courtesy to our readership, and do not constitute, nor should they be construed as recommendations or endorsements; for we have no control over external links’ content, terms of use or privacy policy.

Once again, readers are advised to do their own due diligence before  any money-related information is acted upon.

Ways to Save Money

Ways to invest in public companies without a broker.- Direct Investment Plans

The Drip Investing Resource Center


If you’ve been laid off, fired, downsized, let go, terminated, unemployed, or whatever, and are in search of a job, you owe it to yourself to check out:

Create Your Own Job

If you’ve been unsuccessful in looking for and getting a job, maybe the Universe is trying to tell you something: start your own business, create your own job. To start right now without spending a dime (for now), read:


Free Annual Credit Report:


To buy Treasury Bills, Treasury Notes, Treasury Bonds, EE/E Savings Bonds, I Savings Bonds, HH/H Savings Bonds, etc.: TreasuryDirect 

FDIC: Bank Insurance

Is your bank FDIC-insured? Find out at FDIC: Bank Find

FDIC’s Quick Links for Consumers and Communities

FDIC’s Quick Links for Consumers and Communities: Financial Education, Foreclosure Prevention, Identity Theft and Privacy, Deposit Insurance, Consumer Protection Assistance, Real estate, Housing, and Loans, Unclaimed Funds, Community Reinvestment and Development, Certificate of Deposit Tips, etc.:

Financial Education for Kids:

The Centsables

Jump$tart Coalition

Money Smart for Young Adults (Curriculum distributed on CD: Order Free CDs):

Financial Education for Adults:

If you want to learn how to Manage Your Money, Master Credit and Debt, Plan Ahead, Plan for Retirement, etc., then explore Feed the Pig and 360financialliteracy

If you want to learn about investing, the Investor Protection Trust is the go-to place for free PDF Booklets and Trifolds:

Five Keys to Investing Success; The Basics for Investing in Stocks; A Primer for Investing in Bonds; Mutual Funds and ETFs: Maybe All You’ll Ever Need, Getting Help With Your Investments; Maximize Your Retirement Investments; Where to Invest Your College Money; and videos. 


Accounting Software

Mortgage Loan Calculator and Average Mortgage Rates

Car Loan Calculator

Credit Card Debt Calculator

Make Money Calculator


Would you like to save a bundle on your insurance premium (Who wouldn’t in today’s economy?), improve your driving skills and learn much, much more? If so, please read:

Defensive Driving Course: Who needs it?

Sharing is Believing!
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  1. Thank you Mr. Rodrigues for inquiring about the “How To Get Personal Credit” and the “The Best Free Accounting Software (Parts 1 and 2)” broken links, which are fixed now. Feel free to click on them now, and they will take you to the linked articles (“How To Get Personal Credit” and “The Best Free Accounting Software- Parts 1 & 2”). Enjoy!

    As far as cheap calls are concerned, read the netTALK vs MagicJack articles to educate yourself, make a judicious choice and start saving money.

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