How to Power Your VOIP and Cell Phones | Blackout or not

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  How to Power Your VOIP and Cell Phones | Blackout or not*

If you’ve already read How To Have Electricity For Your VOIP Phone- Power Outage Or Not and watched the video , you know by now that without a power source a VOIP Phone and its peripheral components (modem/router, telephonic dongle, and cordless phone handset) are useless. You’ve learned also how to use a car battery to power your VOIP Phone and its components. In this article, we’ll show you how to use a power supply (Power Dome NX 2485 or any other brands with similar features) to power your VOIP and Cell Phones, in the event of a blackout.

 To Power your VOIP and/or Cell Phones | Blackout or not, you need, in no particular order:

Ingenuity (free)Surge Protector
Internet AccessModem/Router
Cordless PhoneCorded Phone
Cell Phone or Smart PhoneAC DC Cell Phone charger Adapter
Wagan’s Power Dome NX 2485, Power Dome Ex 2454, or a similar Power Supply (power source) Telephonic Dongle and its components (AC Adapter, Mini/Micro USB Cable, and Ethernet Cable)


Before any attempt is made to use the Power Dome NX 2485, or any similar power supply for that matter, read the accompanied user’s manual, and heed the safety warnings to properly operate the unit. Ensure that it is charged first. Make it a point to keep it charged at all times; for a dead power supply is useless in time of emergency.

How to Power Your VOIP Phone

  • First, check the Power Dome NX 2485‘s Internal Battery status indicated by the Analog Voltmeter Gauge by pressing the Battery Check Button. If a reading of 12.6 V and above is displayed, then proceed to the next step, otherwise (12V and below) the power supply needs to be recharged. Charge it at once from either a car’s cigarette lighter socket with the accompanied DC Charging Adapter ,a solar panel (DC), or at a friend’s AC Outlet with the accompanied AC Charging Adapter ( since you have no home electricity).
  • Second, flip the Inverter ON/OFF Switch to ON to test for power. A green LED light from the Power Indicator means that the Inverter is in working order. Turn it OFF.
  • Third, plug the Surge Protector into the Inverter‘s 3-prong AC Outlet. Flip the Inverter’s ON/OFF Switch to ON, then turn the Surge Protector’s ON/OFF Switch to ON to make sure that it is operating. Turn OFF the Surge Protector and the Inverter.
  • Fourth, connect the Phone Line into the Telephonic Dongle’s ETL Port. The Telephonic Dongle is netTALK DUO WiFi.*
  • Fifth, connect one end of the Ethernet Cable into the netTALK DUO WiFi‘s ETH Port, and the other into a Modem/Router’s Ethernet Port.
  • Sixth, connect your DSL Line into the Modem/Router’s DSL Port, and the Power Adapter into the Modem/Router’s Power Jack, with the ON/OFF Switch OFF.
  • Seventh, connect one end of the Mini USB Cable into the netTALK DUO WiFi’s Mini USB Port, and the other end into the AC Adapter.
  • Eighth
  1. Plug the Surge Protector (with its ON/OFF Switch to OFF) into the Inverter’s 3-prong AC Outlet, which we already did in the third step.
  2. Plug all the peripheral components ( Cordless Phone, Modem/Router, and netTALK DUO WiFi*) into the Surge Protector’s AC Outlets.
  3. Power up the Surge Protector by turning the Inverter’s ON/OFF Switch to ON, and
  4. Power up everything: Modem/Router, Cordless Phone and netTALK DUO WiFi by turning the Surge Protector’s ON/OFF Switch to ON.
  • Ninth, wait for netTALK DUO WiFi to register with its network and ring once, at which point, in so doing, the telephonic dongle indicates that it is ready to make and receive calls.  And last, but not least,
  • Tenth, make a phone call. Pick up your handset, wait for tonality, and dial a number. To receive a phone call, if you have a cell phone, call up your netTALK DUO WiFi number, or ask a friend to call you up. If you are not tech savvy, and you don’t understand any of the foregoing step-by-step guide, don’t worry, we’ll make it crystal clear to you: video to the rescue! Since a video is worth at least 10,000.00 words, just watch it for illustrative purposes.

How to Power Your Cell Phone

In time of emergency, frequent use of your Cell Phone will drain its battery dead in no time. That’s when you’ll realize the wisdom and perspicacity of your decision: the foresight to buy a Power Supply before the occurrence of unpleasant events.

  • First, before you recharge your Cell Phone through the USB Power Port, do a Power Dome NX USB Power Port specifications (5V 500mA) vs Cell Phone charging specifications comparison. If the former (5V 500mA) meets or exceeds the ladder, go ahead, charge the Cell Phone through the USB Power Port. If not (if your Cell Phone charging specifications exceed those of the Power Supply’s USB Port 5V 500mA), then recharge it through either the 12V Accessory Outlet (best) or the Inverter’s AC Outlets (better), instead of the USB Port.
  • Second,  to do so, connect the Mini/Micro USB end of the cable into the Cell Phone’s Mini/Micro USB Port, and the other end into the Universal AC DC Charger’s USB Port. Insert the Universal AC DC Charger’s DC Input Terminal into the Power Dome 2485‘s 12V Accessory Outlet, and turn ON the USB/DC Switch. The USB/DC Power Indicator will illuminate, the Power Supply is ready to charge your Cell Phone. Finally,
  • Third, the Universal AC DC Charger can recharge your Cell Phone from any AC Power Source as well. Just plug it into either Inverter’s AC Outlet, turn the Inverter ON/OFF Switch to ON, and watch the Cell Phone charging magic unfold.

NB: the Universal AC DC Adapter is not included with the Power Dome NX 2845. It must be purchased separately.

Words of wisdom

The best preemptive weapon against unforeseen, yet probable, events is preparation. Be proactive, buy a Power Supply now, not later; for procrastination is immediate action‘s worst enemy when called for. Failure to set forth a contingency plan is a recipe for compound disaster. If you fail to plan you plan to fail. Enjoy!*

Power Dome EX 2454

600 Amp Battery Jumper 2509

Power Dome NX 2485

Power Dome EX 2454

600 Amp Battery Jumper 2509 300 x 334

Power-Dome-NX-2485-3D-Front-Solarnia 300 x 282

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