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Welcome to Tech Tips Plus


Tech Tips Plus, a free service of to our readers, is a collection or aggregation of tech-related tips (software, utilities, websites, etc.) to make your tech life easier, more rewarding and fulfilling.
The “Plus” part. In our quest for intellectual enlightenment, we do, however, from time to time, come across unrelated tech information, which, in our humble opinion, may be deemed useful and is, therefore, worth passing along and onto you.
Whatever you do with, or however you choose to use the conveyed information (tech and non-tech related) is up to you; for we cannot be held liable for your action (or inaction).
Consequently, readers are advised to do research, due diligence, and to consult their advisors (if and when warranted) before acting on any information. Although the authors strive to provide practical, reliable and authentic information; accuracy of same (information) is not guaranteed.


Links are provided as a courtesy to our visitors and for your convenience (ethical bribe for your valued readership!). However, we have no control over external links with respect to content, terms of use and privacy policy. So, once again, do research, due diligence, and consult your advisers before any information is acted upon. Be judicious.
Tech Tips Plus (TTP) is a work in constant progress. Its content is updated frequently. So, please come back again and again to be kept apprised of our latest gems, nuggets and findings.
If any unmentioned information or resources, deemed useful and necessary in your view, are worthy of inclusion in TTP database, please let us know. We will gladly examine them with a fine-toothed comb and, if they meet our “subjective” standard and requirements, include them. We value your opinions, ideas and suggestions.
—– — reserves the right to change its policy without warning or advertisement. Continuous use of the website’s resources is, constitutes, implies and infers implicit and explicit consent on the readers’ part.
Although every effort and attempt has been made to convey accurate information, accuracy of same (information) is not guaranteed. Do your due diligence to independently verify and confirm the accuracy of any information before it is acted upon. Enjoy!

 Productivity Suites

Openoffice, a productivity suite, is a free alternative to Microsoft Word.
Extensions (add-ons, add-ins, templates and plugins) to enhance and extend functionality and customization of your Openoffice’s productivity suite:
LibreOffice, another poductivity suite (writer, impress, draw, calc, and base), is another free alternative to Microsoft Word.
LibreOffice Extensions (similar to OpenOffice)

NeoOffice (OpenOffice equivalent) for Mac OS X, is a full-featured productivity suite

OxygenOffice Professional, another free productivity suite worth exploring

Abiword, a simple word processing program, free alternative to Microsoft Word:


Wanna nip in the bud a computer virus, surf the net safely? Download and install one of the following software:

  • (free basic and advanced (paid) antivirus software)
  • (free basic and paid antivirus software with advanced features)
  • (free and paid antivirus, firewall, backup, cleaning essentials, secureEmail, anti malware, secure messaging, time machine, and cloud scanner software)
  • (free online virus scanner)

Video Editing

To edit and add audio to your video:

Video Converter

Convert your videos to any formats: AVI, DVD, FLV, MKV, MP3, MP4, MPEG, WebM, WMV, 3GP, etc for Amazon Kindle Fire, Android, iPad 2, iPhone, iPod, PSP, Samsung Galaxy S II, etc.


Unit Converter

Does converting foot to centimeter, mile to kilometer, Celsius to Fahrenheit, gigabyte to kilobyte, etc. and vice versa, seem to be brain surgery or rocket science to you? Sweat it no more: Das Unit Converter to the rescue. This little unit converter (free download) can do all of the above and much more.

Registry, IE, WE,…System Cleaner 

Do you want to clean your computer’s temporary internet files, cookies, history, registry, etc.? Do you need to uninstall stubborn, unwanted software, downloaded by accident?



If you want to remotely control laptops and desktops ( PCs), sync folders, share files, and chat securely and easily, Gbridge is a free software that will enable your computer to do just that.

  • Gbridge


A household without a dictionary – be it hard cover or paperback, abridged or unadbridged, digital or otherwise – is intellectually dead.

Online dictionaries


Online/Offline Dictionaries

Troubleshoot and fix why you can’t open a PDF file in Firefox

Why can’t I open PDF files in Firefox?

Mozilla Firefox is a great web browser, but one issue that pops up often is the inability to download and view PDF files due to plugins interference. To diagnose the cause of the problem, it is advised to try Firefox Safe Mode and Restart with Add-ons Disabled. If the problem is solved, then a plugin is to blame. The solution is to Disable or Remove the offending plugin (extension). In our case, the culprit was PDF Download Once disabled, we were able to easily download, open and view PDF files in PDF Viewer 0.8.298 . Let’s hope this is useful to you.

Another way to view a PDF file in Firefox is to right click mouse, then click on View Page in IE Tab (a Firefox Add-on), and you’ll be able to view the PDF file.

Let’s hope this whole exercise just to view a PDF file in Firefox is helpful to you.

Sharing is Believing!
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